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The Kitchenaid Hand Mixer is Great for Everyday Small Jobs


Kitchenaid is well-known for their top quality appliances and their mixers are simply second to none, but many people wonder if they should buy a Kitchenaid hand mixer or if they should opt for the stand mixer. There is no easy answer to that question but if you ask yourself what you will be using your mixer for you may find that the answer is not so hard after all.

First you must ask how often you will be using your mixer. If a mixer is something you pull out of the cupboard once a month or so, and maybe a bit more around the holidays chances are a Kitchenaid hand mixer will be just fine for your purpose. If however you spend a lot of time in the kitchen baking a stand mixer may be more to your liking.

Both mixers are built to take more abuse than the average mixer but you will find that a hand mixer simply will not have the power that a stand mixer has. It may be however that you do not need that much power and it will be only wasted, so this is the next question you should ask yourself. What sort of jobs will you be using your mixer for?

mixer 2

For those that want to make an occasional cake mix, a meringue on the holidays or maybe a bit of whip cream a Kitchenaid hand mixer is perfect for any of these jobs. But if you would like to make breads, cookies, and cinnamon rolls on a weekly basis than you should seriously consider investing in a stand mixer.

A hand mixer takes up much less space, requires less clean up and is a quick and easy solution for the busy cook that only wants a quick way to whip up scrambled eggs or mash potatoes. The hand mixer will not take up any extra space on your counter, so will definitely be a much better choice for those with limited space in their kitchen.

You will find that a Kitchenaid hand mixer will outlast the competition and will not break the moment that the mixer faces a bit of difficult work. Many mixers are meant for only the easiest of mixing jobs and when faced with anything more difficult such as cookie dough, they immediately break. You can buy a Kitchenaid mixer that will do more and last the same lifetime as five mixer that will most likely cost you much more in the long run.

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