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How to Choose a Pool Cue Tip

Pool or Billiards is a sport that tests your mental strength and skills as well, and every player knows this after playing the sport for sure.  Of course, there is no replacement for consistent practice and training, however, in this sports equipment choice like cue wrap, cue tip, etc make a lot of difference. Selecting the right pool cue tip is also a very vital choice that can help you improve your gaming skills.

A good player can able to perform well by choosing the better cue, which is more convincing for a high-performance shaft.  In general, players will benefit a lot if they can choose the perfect pool cue tip.  Here you can find four significant things to consider when choosing the cue tip for your next game.

  • Size: The size of the tip is significant to consider before selecting. The tip diameter must be the same size as the diameter of the shaft.
  • Hardness:  Hardness is another thing that you should consider as tips are available in different harness, including soft, medium, and hard.
  • Material:  You can find single-piece, laminated leather, soft Lenin, phenolic and Bakelite options are also available.
  • Brand: It is also one of the significant factors to consider as the cue tip brand supports your game better.

Currently, in the billiards industry, leather tips have become the standard and based on their density they are referred to as ‘Hard,’ ‘Soft,’ and ‘Medium.’ however, you should understand that these are comparative terms and there are some individuals measured densities of various brands. There is no standardization or regulation of various densities yet.  Also, one company’s hard tip may not be the same as another company’s hard tip.  That is why it is important to try various tip brands before choosing the right tip for your pool cue.

Soft Cue Tip:  soft tips are the best option for beginners. This is because the overall feel of the shot seems to be softer.  However, soft cue tips can get damaged quickly and it needs to be replaced quite often. It is often can be found on most beginner’ s pool cue.

Medium Cue Tip:  Many professional players believe that Medium tips are the best option compared to soft and hard cue tips. Medium tip density is neither too soft nor too hard. Today, you can see that these are the most commonly used tips for cues in any pool bar.  The Medium tip holds its shape better and also holds chalk easily.

Hard Cue Tips: Higher level players and professional players prefer hard cue tips as they get perfect control.  However, you should know that professional players have many years of experience and their control comes from years of practice and competition games.  However, hard tips will not need frequent changing. The shape will remain the same even using it for a longer time, unlike soft and medium tips.

Along with the density of the cue tip, layering also plays a major role in the durability and playability of a cue tip.  You can find two types of leather cue tip in the market that includes layered and non-layered.  The leather cue tips are available in a wide range of materials, from cowhide to pigskin.