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Best Maternity Pillow For Side Sleeper


A body pregnancy pillow is one of the best gifts you can buy for a soon-to-be mother. A maternity pillow is very helpful both during and after pregnancy. It protects and supports the growing tummy, it helps prevent the back and hip aches that most pregnant women will likely experience.

And it also gives the comfort the mother needs to sleep well during the night. Women who have used these pillows during and after pregnancy report that they feel a great protection for their unborn babies.

Choosing the perfect pregnancy pillow is not a very complicated task but there are still several factors one needs to consider before buying one.


My Top 5 Maternity Pillows If You’re A Side Sleeper List

1. Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow ( read the snoogle pillow full review here)

snoogle2. PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow


3. Leachco Back N’ Belly Contoured Body Pillow

leachco-back-n-belly-contoured-body-pillow4. Sanggol Maternity Pillow

sanggol-maternity-pillow5. Naomi Home Cozy Pillow


What to look for?

Besides the basic standards that people care about when buying regular pillows like the quality of the material and the price, the shape and size of a pregnancy pillow are very important to consider. Quality of the material and the price, the shape and size of a pregnancy pillow are very important to consider. In fact, the two Leachco pillows are included in the best pregnancy pillow guide on this website because of their quality and overall performance.


Pregnancy pillows can differ hugely in sizes, there are very large body size pillows and there are small ones that fit for only the belly when laying down. But many expecting women prefer the larger size pillows, aka “total body” pillows, since these pillows provide support for the entire body from head to toes, giving a comfortable sleep to the mom and a full protection to the unborn baby.


The shape of the pillow is also very important. The shape will be a personal preference, depending on the type of comfort the mother wants. The most common shapes of pregnancy pillows are C, J and U. The C shape gives support for head, hips, belly and neck.

The J shape is like a straightened C shape. And the U shape is like two J-shaped pillows attached to each other.It is recommended to buy several pillows with different shapes and sizes so the mom can have the best sleeping experience during pregnancy.


I myself have been pregnant three times and have bought like a dozen pillows and they are the best pillows in my opinion. I’ve recommended these pillows to my friends and relatives and they all have had good experience with these pillows.